April 19, 2015

Project First Sale Review (With Bonus!)

Project First Sale Review
Project First Sale Review (With Bonus!) Reviewed by on . Rating: 4.5

Today we are bringing you our highly anticipated Project First Sale Review!

The affiliate marketing products that I have seen so far last year have been outstanding in both the content and the quality of the products, so can Project First Sale follow with the trend? Continue reading our Project First Sale Review find out..

Project First Sale Review – What is Project First Sale?

Project First Sale Review Bonus

From just the name alone, you would probably be expecting it to be some sort of course that is focused on generating your very fist commissioned sale online, right? Well if that is what you thought you would be right!

As stated on the sales video, Project First Sale is a three step system that guides you to get you up and running, and generating you your very own first sales!

With Project First Sale, you will get three detailed steps in to profiting from the internet. In our opinion, this entire section of the course is laid out extremely well, with every single module having corresponding steps that you can follow immediately. Also, I would like to point out very clear that with this system, you do NOT need either a domain or a hosting account to follow the system, so thats great for all the beginners out there.

The three “Project First Sale “ steps are as follows:

  • The Quick Profit App & Sniper Strategy
    This step is all about creating your own simple videos and placing them on ‘sniper’ style blogs (You can use the free blogs such as wordpress)
  • Video Profit Machine
    As stated in the Project First Sale sales video, this is where you can get the templates for you campaigns. 10 different template for you videos in the hottest niches, plus comprehensive training on how you can utilize the videos effectively (Tip – follow up with the training in our special bonus section for optimum results)
  • Profiting from FaceBook
    This step teaches you all about how to combine and utilize the power of FaceBook fan pages with the PFS training.

We tested this system thoroughly and can confirm that this system does WORK.

The techniques that can be learned  from Project First Sale probably are of the fastest AND cheapest methods to get your own affiliate links distributed all over the internet which will drive targeted traffic to your affiliate links which will result in you making many commission sales.

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Project First Sale Review – Our Conclusion, The Pro’s and the Con’s, Up-sells and the Bonus!

So to conclude our findings and experiences for the Project First Sale review, we would say that we are genuinely VERY happy and impressed with the purchase of Project First Sale.

We tested the system and have confirmed that the methods inside the course do work, and WILL generate you a reasonable commissions IF you put in the right TIME and follow this course correctly.

Project First Sale is a excellent course for beginners/newbies in affiliate marketing as you are literally not only hand-held throughout the entire process, but also given 10 campaigns to get you started right away.

We would also like to point out the following – We have seen a few claims that are made both on the sales page and by people this product that need addressing. Whilst you are able to use the Project First Sale methods above to generate $130 in just 15 minutes (or however short they claim it is) the likely-hood of this happening for you is actually very slim.

Project First Sale Review Bonus
Can the Project First Sale course make extra income/your first sale? 100% YES 

but please do not expect to see hundreds of dollars coming your way right after you purchased the system.

What up-sells are available?

There are three different up-sells available inside the course. However, Up-sells are definitely NOT required to make this product work.

The basic product is already ENOUGH. However, the upsells are a very nice addition for those who want to take affiliate marketing a little more seriously or simply want to speed up the entire process of making money online.

All the up-sells with their prices are:

  • Sales multiplier software + list building virtual worker + 6 fast profit copy paste campaigns – $297
  • 20 profit ready websites + access to personal web designer + 20 bonus niche websites – $194
  • Automated 2 for 1 traffic software toolkit + lead capture page  generator  – $97

PRO’S of Project First Sale

Very easy to use and simple to follow, excellent course for beginners with internet marketing, has the potential to make you your first sale very fast!

CON’S of Project First Sale

The voice on the video tutorials can get a little annoying after some time. There is a lot of hype used to promote the course. HOWEVER, we are willing to look past that since the product in our opinion is really great.

Project First Sale Bonus?

As mentioned earlier, We have put together a INSANE bonus package for anyone who chooses to purchase Project First Sale via the link on this page. The bonus includes the following –

How to Claim the bonus?

Step #1: Go to your internet browsers settings and select ‘Delete Cookies’ – Don’t worry, this will not delete your saved passwords or website history – It just removes unwanted tracking codes.

Step #2: Buy the product through the review page of Refiew.com (Click Here For The Product Page!)

Step #3: Send your order receipt to info @ refiew.com and we will mail you your bonus package & details for your personal 1on1 coaching!

Project First Sale Review Bonus

NOTE: If you want to be 100% sure that you claim this unique bonus with 1on1 coaching, click here to contact us and we will guide you though the process of claiming your free bonus!

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